Monday, 30 July 2012

Sydney Quilt Show

Back in June we visited the Sydney Quilt Show. We go to this show as it is great to see stalls we don't see in Melbourne and fantastic quilts. It is a whole day show for some! Sorry we can't show you any photo's from the show but.........
We did go on an adventure on the Friday. We got up at 4.15am to catch our flight, we don't call that morning, rather middle of the night.
When we arrived in Sydney we were armed with our Google Maps printout and set off for what was meant to be an easy walk to an Antique Shop. Google maps lies!
When we arrived at the shop we were not disapointed in the treasures we found.

This lovely pile of Antique quilts were in really great condition. All were beautifully hand quilted. We don't go to many Antique shops that sell quilts so we were quite happy. Sadly none of these treasures came home with us this trip so they are still waiting for new homes.
Our next find was this gorgeous sampler.
And this one too
This one is a bit hidden
And this was high (they really should provide ladders for us naughty photographers) so had to zoom in.
Sadly none of these came home either, not in our budget. but maybe they will wait for us till next years Sydney trip.............

                                                                       Lisa & Lou

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  1. WOW i love those antique quilts..not to mention those framed samplers!! shame you couldn't take them home with you :(( cheers...Marian