Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Also back in June!

The week after the Sydney Quilt Show we were honoured to have some guests visit us at Lou's House.      
(This resulted in Lou having a mad cleaning freenzy! and also one of Lou's kids saying "why can't you be like normal mothers and not be in magazine shoots!")
Thanks to Bev and Linda we had Carol and Guy from Quiltmania come and photograph our quilts for their magazine. Also thanks to Di for bringing them over. Setting all the quilts up around the house was fun! You don't realize how many quilts you have, times the 2 of us, until you do this. Below are just a few photo's of the lounge room quilts. We had them in the family room, on the walls, in the hall, well just everwhere a quilt could go! Hope you enjoy a snapshot of some of our quilts.

We have also been asked to contribute a quilt to a future magazine so stay tuned for that. We can't wait till the magazine is out, we'll let you know when it is. Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comments and emails. The world of quilting is just fantastic!

                                                               Lisa & Lou

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