Monday, 6 August 2012

Antique Dolls Quilt

Quiet a few years ago I was lucky enough to purchase a few Antique Quilts. While the collection is only small, and certanly they are not perfect,  I love them all. When we had the bush fires a few years ago the Quilts were some of many treasures that were packed in the car. We were evacuated and the football oval became a temporary home. That night while getting the kids organised to try and get some sleep one of my boys claimed one of these quilts for sleeping! At first I was "oh no not that quilt" but then figured it had survived this long so go for it. Just don't put it on the ground! Each week we will post a different quilt. I don't really have any history of these quilts, I just brought them because I liked them and could "afford" them. 
So hope you enjoy the photo's.
The first one is a Little Dolls Quilt.
I have no idea on the age of this quilt sorry.
This little one is hand pieced but machine quilted in the ditch with a stitch so small you would not want to unpick!!!
It has very cute fabrics in it, we are lucky that so many fabrics are being reproduced for us today.

And a very cute backing too. Not sure if you can zoom in on those tiny stitches. The binding is an odd colour also.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Antique Quilt show and tell.

Lisa & Lou


  1. what a sweet doll quilt. I love the pink and brown combination.

  2. I also love this dear litte doll quilt, lovely fabrics.

  3. what a darling little quilt!! i also collect vintage/antique quilts..the oldest one in my collection is circa 1880s. On closer inspection of the fabric/prints in your doll's quilt i would guess it's from the same period. I make small/doll quilts using civil war repro fabrics and i'm still hoping to find a doll quilt [or two] from that period. Thanks for sharing this precious gem :)) cheers...Marian