Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Antique Quilt Blocks

What a beautiful day today!! Spring is in the air.
As I said a few posts ago, I finally got the Antique Quilts out this afternoon. They are all packed away and you kind of forget what you have. So after the "oh I forgot I had that" moment it was to dark to take them outside to photograph the treasures.

So instead I took some photo's of some blocks that I have.

This is a small Log Cabin that is hand peiced onto a foundation of fabric.
(not sure why the photo's look so yellow??)

Can you see this block has been stamped on the background?????
These are very cool blocks. All hand peiced but not sure of the era sorry.

Love the prints in some of these blocks. Thats why we love todays reproduction fabric, I'm too scared to use these blocks in a quilt. Some are quiet fragile.
My quilts could probably do with a wash, do any of you wash your Antique Quilts??
If so how do you do it?
I also have a collection of blocks that have stitched initals in the centres that I'll post seperate.

So as soon as the sun comes out again I promise to take the quilts out for photo's so I can post them. Like I said they are not perfect....but I love them!!

Lisa & Lou

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  1. All of your quilts and blocks look amazing! I love antique quilts - it's always so fun to look at the array of interesting fabrics. I do wash antique quilts - in my washing machine with a gentle soap on a gentle cycle. I know a lot of people are afraid to do it, but that's what I've always done and don't have any trouble.