Friday, 10 August 2012

Friendship Quilts

Have you heard of "Block in a Box"?
We have 2 friendship groups we go to monthly. ( we say monthly but life somtimes makes them a little longer between!) In these groups we made quilts called block in a box.
You start by purchasing a very cool box because you never have spare one at home.
Next you choose a background fabric, the amount depends on how many people will be in your group.
You also choose your print fabrics and add as much as you like to the box.
Take your box along to your group, and everyone that would like to join the fun puts their name on a list.
The first month someone picks a theme. This could be anything from applique to a pieced block.
You make your own block for the first month. This sets the color theme for your quilt.
Next month we all bring our box to group and we pass it on to the next name on the list.
This person then chooses the next theme. Maybe star!
And so on, passing the box until it comes back to you full of lovely blocks.
It is a great challenge to think outside the "box" haha if others are using fabrics you don;t normally work with or choose a block you have never made before.
We did 2 box swaps. They start out like this.........

And then you get this.......
These are blocks from the Sandlyn House Group.

These are from the Lilly Patches Group
( Yes is did say you get quilts but good things take time)

This is Liz's quilt. She put her's together, quilted it and put it in the recent Melbourne Quilt Show.

These are the blocks we made for her,

It's great fun. You also can have show and tell each month, like we did or you can wait till the end. Anyone that's that good at surprises well done!!!

Lisa & Lou


  1. sounds like so much fun and i love the variety of blocks you end up with!!
    Liz's quilt is absolutely stunning!!