Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Why The Unknown Quilt?????

The name for the "Unknown Quilt" is really a very simple story. 
Today with the wonderful world of the internet, being a visual  resource for quilts, antique and modern, it can be a good thing and sometimes a bad thing.
With all the different ways to view photo's with very little written information, we can easily become inspired by all the quilts we see, but really not know anything important about them. 
The Unknown quilt came about from a photo with no information that Lou had found quiet some time ago.
It was a chintz quilt, made up of circles and hexagons with  broderie perse applique.
She loved it from the moment she saw it.
We then "googled" ourselves silly trying to find the source of these saved photo's to no avail.
When we decided  to make a new quilt these photo's were our inspiration. We also loved the Cactus Rose framed quilt from the American Folk Art Musuem by an unknown maker.
So initally we had two quilts both by "Unknown Makers" that we made into one!
The quilt was complete.
It was then discovered much to our delight that the Chintz Quilt was owned by Janet O'Dell. The quilt lives only an hour away from us and not on the other side of the world!
So with Janets kind permission the "Unknown Quilt" has become a more "known" quilt.
The world of quilting should be one of fun. We quilt because we enjoy it. We have like minded quilting friends we meet with to chat, stitch and enjoy each others company. We create our individual quilts we love always adding our own unique little touches.
We hope you enjoy quilts as much as we do, after all if it's not fun then why would we do it?

And there is nothing wrong with having lots of UFO'S. It gives us choices!!!!!
Please just have fun.

Lisa & Lou


  1. how very interesting!! i love your interepretation of the unknown quilt and how you turned it around to be something totally different and unique!! it's a gorgeous quilt!! cheers...Marian

  2. Just found your blog. I too saw Janet's beautiful quilt but didnt take photos. You mention that you found some photos of the original on the internet. Can you give me the link as I've searched but cannot find it and would really love to see it again.