Saturday, 29 September 2012

AMQ Festival Day 1

Today was day 1 of the AMQF (Australian Machine Quilters Festival) for us.
It actually started yesterday with a day with Ricky Timms but we decided to give that part a miss.
We had two classes today.  Our first was "Basic Feathers for anyone" with Anita Ellis.  Anita's class and her presentation were fantastic, we actually feel like we have a grasp on feathers.
Our second class was Myrna Ficken's "Just Do It". This one was mind boggling as we covered so many designs.  We have lots of self imposed homework from both classes as we are determined to make the most out of this opportunity. 
We have always loved doing classes and these certainly lived up to our expectations.
We did a little shopping today!
Our wish list is a lot bigger, so we need to get busy with patterns and quilting.
Now its time to eat chocolate and do some designing.....
Until next time...
Lou & Lisa

Friday, 28 September 2012

Road Trip Day 1!

Today saw us leave home at 6am for our road trip to Adelaide.
The weather was really bad but the junk shops were very cool.
We stopped at many along the way, as you do on a "girls road trip"
Not sure what your men are like but they only stop for fuel!!!
We found many treasures along the way, some of which we have to pick up on the way home.
At one collectibles shop we couldn't resist getting the quilts out for a photo on this windmill head, that really needed to come home with us, but lucky for some back home, it was sold!
The weather was terrible so the quilts aren't "styled" very well (that makes us sound like professional photographers! lol"
We also wanted to take some of these things home too.....
We got lots of little bits and pieces that did fit in the car but!!!
So the normal trip to Adelaide took us only about 5 hours longer than a husband trip would have,but we had lots of fun doing things the girly way!!
More tomorrow
Lisa & Lou

Monday, 24 September 2012

Baby Janers at Lilly Patches

Friday night saw us at Lilly Patches in Boronia for our Baby Jane social sewing group.  We had a great turnout and a late night.  As is often the case, some of us get lots of sewing done whilst the rest do lots of talking!  We always have a great night. 
We finally have all the Spring Fling samples in store.  If you have already booked in, June has requirements lists available and would love an indication of which project you'll be working on during the day.  There are still has a few vacancies available if you haven't yet booked in.  Don't forget you'll get all the patterns to take home.....

We sent 18th Century Stars and The Unknown Quilt Patterns to The Blanket Box in Geelong on Friday.   They should be available in the next couple of days in store.....
Our side bar shows where our patterns are available. 

We are off to Adelaide, South Australia for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival (AMQF) on Friday.  It promises to be a great few days and hopefully we will come away with increased skills as we have booked in for quite a few classes. 
We love doing classes, there is always so much to learn from other quilters, no matter how long you've been quilting...

Until next time
                          Lisa & Lou

Monday, 17 September 2012

Spring Fling and Maureen!!

Spring Fling is finished!!
These are our small quilts for the Spring Fling stitch in day at Lilly Patches on Sat 13th Oct.
There are a few places left so if you would like a fun day out give June a call!!
If you can't make it the pattern will be available after the day.

Also below is Maureens sampler quilt. She made this in our Friday night class. We have been doing a "choose your block" sampler quilt. Maureen has made all the blocks. Each month there was a theme for the blocks and there are 3 blocks, easy, medium and hard. This allows all the lady's new to quilting and needing more of a challenge to choose the blocks they wish to make. This quilt is for a birthday present too!
We should all have a friend called Maureen lol.

Just quilted it for her on the weekend so now she gets to do the fun bit....binding and trust us it's a big quilt.

Now to get the red and white quilts happening. Should have pictures for you all on the weekend.

No road trip this weekend as the the following week we head off to Adelaide for 5 days to the Australian Machine Quilters festival for 3 full days of classes.
Will shop hop along the way so will be sure to take pictures of our adventure!!!
Sure we'll find quilt shops and junk shops and goodness knows what shops, so the station wagon be will handy.
If you have any suggestions of favourite shops for us to visit on the way from Healesville to Adelaide please let us know......

Lisa & Lou 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Today's Road Trip

Today's road trip was over to Warrandyte to see Kaye at her shop
Needles and Pins.

Kaye has an amazing range of our favorite reproduction fabrics. She also had boxes of new arrivals still in plastic she let us look at and of course some followed us home.
Kaye is also going to be stocking our patterns which we are really excited about!

So if your over Warrandyte way, or need a day out, call in and visit Kaye.
You will not be disapointed. She runs some beautiful classes also.
 Nearly finished the last of the Spring Fling mini quilts so will post some pics tomorrow.

Lisa & Lou

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pattern Artwork

When we decided to design our patterns we knew we wanted something unique for our pattern covers.  We doodled and Googled and nothing was quite what we wanted.....
We decided to ask our friend Bridie if she would help....

Bridie is one of those creative people that would have been dux at school for all things creative, as whatever she does is amazing.  Bridie quilts, draws, spins, knits and more.  She has done portraits of people and animals and they are breathtaking. Unfortunately we don't have pics of these.....
For Christmas a couple of years ago she drew colouring pictures for her nieces, each picture was a work of art that we would happily frame, but to Bridie that were quick doodles....we asked her to create something along these lines for us. This is what she came up with and we love it..

We have added a couple of her other doodle pics just so you can see a smidgen of what she creates....

                                             Until next time,
                                                           Lisa & Lou

Monday, 10 September 2012

Quiltings, Frolicks & Bees

Today the postman delivered some exciting mail...

Quiltings, Frolics & Bees
100 Years of Signature Quilts.

This has just been released and is sure to be a popular book for your bookshelf.
It has lots of info on "signature quilts", lots of beautiful photo's and details about each quilt and the names on them. Also newspaper articles about quiltmaking in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
 Will look forward to reading this book and if you also did a pre order hope you enjoy your's too!

Lisa & Lou

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Road Trip

Today we set off on a little road trip to Castlemaine to visit one of our favourite shops.

If you have not visited you must.
Just love this shop!!
We went to pick up our Unknown quilts and 18th Century Star quilts.
(and to shop a little of course!!!)
We purchased the latest copy of Quiltmania.

There is a lovely article about Michelle Yeo. And a great Jo Morton Quilt.
 We also purchased some Red Fabrics to make a Red & White Quilt for this.
Now there's nothing like a little pressure to spice up your life. We have decided we must thrive on it, as we do this often.......mmm
But this is for a really great cause so what better reason to make a new quilt!!!

Now the brains are going at a million miles an hour with idea's for our quilts. So hopefully by next week we will have some photo's for you of our progress. How fun to go through your stash looking for that right piece of  fabric to add to new ones. That's why we love scrappy quilts, the more the merrier.
Geelong just lost the footy so I need therapy now, might have to go on another road trip next week.
Will update you all on that one next week also.
Hope you  all get some sewing time this weekend.
We like to think of it as mental health!!!!

Lisa & Lou

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pink & Green Antique Quilt

Today's show and tell is an Antique Pink and Green 9 Patch with Pinwheels!!!
This quilt has been hand pieced and is a top.
When you take a closer look there are some great fabrics and some "odd" ones.
There are 2 chedder blocks and some cute dots.
Lots of madder browns and blues.
It's like I Spy looking at the different fabrics in this treasure.

This top is in great condition. Again not sure of it's era sorry. Not really good with dating. If anyone has any idea's but, please let us know!!!!

Will leave it a top I think. Would love to quilt it but then comes the issue of....
if you love it and it's not just a purchase for investment, then quilt it or
is it worth more to leave it as is? and is it good enough as an investment?
Oh not sure on this yet.
Right now, think we'll just enjoy it!
Hope you do too.

Lisa & Lou

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sandlyn Group Sewing Night

Veronique's "0" Quilt

I think we may have mentioned that we have a few groups of friends that we sew with.....
The "Sandlyn House" group is the longest running and when one of our friends has an "0" birthday we get a quilt.  If you're still sewing with us by the time the next "0" quilt comes around we give something with just as much love but less time involvement, money!  
This month we have two "0" birthdays.
  Cheryl is having a birthday tomorrow.  Happy 0 Birthday Cheryl.  Cheryl was our first recipient of an 0 quilt (2 small quilts actually) 10 years ago.  And we were sewing together as a group for a few years before that!  This year Cheryl spent her money on....drum roll please...... fabric!  Yes, I know that must come as such a shock to you all!
Veronique's 0 birthday is on Wednesday.  Her love of b fabrics meant that we had to work outside of our comfort zone and this was her present...
The applique blocks are from "Fiesta de Talavera" by J. Michelle Watts.
Veronique is an amazing quilter.  Using her domestic sewing machine she will have this top quilted with stunning effect. 
Until next time
                            Lisa & Lou

Saturday, 1 September 2012

A special day with a special Quilt

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited to a special day, with a very special Quilt, by Bev and Linda. We went to Linda's to view the
The Chester County Criswell Quilt,
That is proudly owned by Sharon.(below on the run!!)

This quilt is just beautiful. We had a fantastic day with lots of fantastic ladies, catching up with friends we have not seen for a while and meeting lots of new friends, with gorgeous antique quilts to inspire us. There was lots of chatting and oohing and aahring.

 Lunch was an amazing feast and we all left there feeling like an afternoon nap with full belly's.
Please pop over to Linda and Sharon's blogs to see more photo's and read more about this stunning treasure. You may also make your own version of the quilt. For more info visit Sharon.

On the way home up the highway we took the opportunity to be "tourists" and stop and snap this lovely rainbow. Could not find that alusive pot but!!!!!

We had a great day, thanks Bev and Linda for thinking of us.
Remember Quilts in the Barn is not that far away. This amazing show donates all profits to Breast Cancer Research. So come along and enjoy yourselves while supporting a very good cause.
Raffle tickets are on sale now for a stunning quilt. Call into your local quilt shop or contact Linda for tickets.
We will be there Sunday for morning tea if anyone would like to join us!!! See you there.

Lisa & Lou