Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pattern Artwork

When we decided to design our patterns we knew we wanted something unique for our pattern covers.  We doodled and Googled and nothing was quite what we wanted.....
We decided to ask our friend Bridie if she would help....

Bridie is one of those creative people that would have been dux at school for all things creative, as whatever she does is amazing.  Bridie quilts, draws, spins, knits and more.  She has done portraits of people and animals and they are breathtaking. Unfortunately we don't have pics of these.....
For Christmas a couple of years ago she drew colouring pictures for her nieces, each picture was a work of art that we would happily frame, but to Bridie that were quick doodles....we asked her to create something along these lines for us. This is what she came up with and we love it..

We have added a couple of her other doodle pics just so you can see a smidgen of what she creates....

                                             Until next time,
                                                           Lisa & Lou


  1. A very talented lady. Four hexagon rosettes made only 96 to go.

  2. How talented is Bridie?! Love what she's done for your patterns. Bring 'em on!!!

  3. Bridie certainly has the gift, her artwork is brilliant!! love her design for your patterns..perfect!!