Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pink & Green Antique Quilt

Today's show and tell is an Antique Pink and Green 9 Patch with Pinwheels!!!
This quilt has been hand pieced and is a top.
When you take a closer look there are some great fabrics and some "odd" ones.
There are 2 chedder blocks and some cute dots.
Lots of madder browns and blues.
It's like I Spy looking at the different fabrics in this treasure.

This top is in great condition. Again not sure of it's era sorry. Not really good with dating. If anyone has any idea's but, please let us know!!!!

Will leave it a top I think. Would love to quilt it but then comes the issue of....
if you love it and it's not just a purchase for investment, then quilt it or
is it worth more to leave it as is? and is it good enough as an investment?
Oh not sure on this yet.
Right now, think we'll just enjoy it!
Hope you do too.

Lisa & Lou


  1. What a wonderful quilt - I wish I could see it in person to explore all of the great fabrics. It's always hard to know what to do with an old top. I would not have it machine quilted. To me it needs hand quilting.

  2. Do we get to see it close up?

  3. ooooh lovely!! i've got a few antique quilt blocks circa late 19th century and i wouldn't mind guessing your quilt top is from that era. i wouldn't do a thing to it, it's perfect just as it is :))