Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sandlyn Group Sewing Night

Veronique's "0" Quilt

I think we may have mentioned that we have a few groups of friends that we sew with.....
The "Sandlyn House" group is the longest running and when one of our friends has an "0" birthday we get a quilt.  If you're still sewing with us by the time the next "0" quilt comes around we give something with just as much love but less time involvement, money!  
This month we have two "0" birthdays.
  Cheryl is having a birthday tomorrow.  Happy 0 Birthday Cheryl.  Cheryl was our first recipient of an 0 quilt (2 small quilts actually) 10 years ago.  And we were sewing together as a group for a few years before that!  This year Cheryl spent her money on....drum roll please...... fabric!  Yes, I know that must come as such a shock to you all!
Veronique's 0 birthday is on Wednesday.  Her love of b fabrics meant that we had to work outside of our comfort zone and this was her present...
The applique blocks are from "Fiesta de Talavera" by J. Michelle Watts.
Veronique is an amazing quilter.  Using her domestic sewing machine she will have this top quilted with stunning effect. 
Until next time
                            Lisa & Lou

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