Thursday, 11 October 2012

A new book and Homestead Hearth

The postman came today with a new, well second hand book!!

Wow what a book. This is a must have for any Antique quilt lover.
Lots of very inspirational quilts and they have patterns at the back also.
There a quiet a few well known quilts that have been reproduced over the years and really nice to see the original quilts and why they where chosen to be recreated for us to all make and enjoy!!!
If you "need" a new book consider this one you'll love it.

Our next news is that Homestead Hearth in the U.S.A will be selling our
Unknown Quilt.
We are very excited.

We have our Thursday night class tonight, will post what the girls are up to tomorrow.

Lisa & Lou

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  1. A great big CONGRATULATIONS to both of you...... US quilt store......... Quiltmania

    Just remember I knew you both before you were famous !!!! lol ;-)