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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Home from Adelaide

We passed field after field of beautiful canola on the way to Adelaide but it was raining on Friday on our way over.  Today was a perfect spring day and the blue sky and canola fields were calling us.
We found an old fallen tree and it was a perfect quilt hanger.... 

On the way home from Adelaide we stopped at Lola's Garage in Nhill to pick up our purchases and took the opportunity to take a pic of some of our cool "junk".  And we managed to fit everything in the back of the car!  If you're out in this part of Victoria, drop in and visit Tanya & Pauline.

It's always wonderful to get away, but there is nothing like coming home.  Our children greeted as with hugs and kisses and our Max's (Lisa's German Shepherd & Lou's Doberman) were soooo excited to see us after 5 days away. 
Can't wait to sleep in my own bed...

                                                Lou & Lisa

PS Don't forget Quilts in the Barn show this week...
                                                    We hope to see you there on Sunday.....

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  1. I love the way you pose your quilts in different outdoor settings - great photos.