Sunday, 21 October 2012

Magic Patch Quilting, Tyabb

Yesterday saw us take a road trip to
What a lovely shop!!

Carol , the owner, is really lovely; and she is now a stockist for our patterns. 

A few treasures followed us home.....
 Don't you just love the tin!! Carol will habe more in November for all you crazy tin lovers.

 Pinks and greys for her version of our new quilt and some extra bits that she "had to have!!"
 So if you're down Mornington Peninsula way, call in and visit Carol. 
We will also be doing a Cherry's Hall workshop on Saturday January 19th. Can't wait!
 Contact Carol for details.
Hope you have had a great weekend stitching too (or gatherings and road tripping...)
Lisa & Lou


  1. Love those pinks and greys. Wish I could go and visit the shop.

  2. Girls I love the fabric, especially the 2 on the LHS of Lisa's & the 3rd, 4th & 5th from the bottom of Lou's pile.
    I'd appreciate the names of them please ;-)
    (might get some ice cream girls!)

    1. Hi Robyn, thanks for your message! Lisa's 2 are 1862 Battle Hyme by Barbara Brackman and will get Lou to let you know what her's are. Carol had some still so you can give her a call....or visit!!!

  3. I am always on the lookout for greys , you found a few really good ones
    I will have to find them here
    thanks! love seeing pictures of fabrics people buy!

  4. Its a great shop at Magic Patch Quilting. I have been going there for the last couple of years and I have made so many new friends. We would love to see more new people join us.