Thursday, 25 October 2012

New York Beauty Antique Quilt Blocks

We have paid off our lay-by!
You may remember that Quilts in the Barn had some very special guests this year.
Mary & Joe Koval from Bedford, Pennsylvania had a fantastic array of antique quilts, fabrics and blocks for sale; as well as some of Mary's reproduction fabric for sale.

We bought twin New York Beauty Blocks.  A first antique quilt purchase for Lou and a welcome addition to Lisa's collection of antique treasures.
They are circa 1850.  They have obviously been stored out of direct sunlight as there is very little fading evident.  The cheddar is rich and the greens and red vibrant.  There are a couple of small stains, but we love them..

               We hope you like them too....
                                                    Lou & Lisa


  1. WOW they sure are vibrant & gorgeous!! a fabulous addition to your antique quilt collection!! cheers...Marian

  2. If they were made in 1850 then they weren't called New York Beauty. They would probably have been Rocky Mountain Road or Crown of Thorns, a mid-South traditional pattern. Stearns and Foster, the batting company, published the pattern in 1930 and renamed it New York Beauty, and the name stuck. Glad you have these very beautiful blocks.