Thursday, 4 October 2012

Small things come in small packages!

 Today I called in to see my friend Bev after work. She was showing me all her new treasures she had to take home with her from a talk with Mary Koval on Tuesday night at Linda's. (Which we sadly missed as we were on our way home from Adelaide)

She had a lovely quilt, a pillow case both from the 1800's and the most gorgeous piece of Antique fabric.
She also has Jo Mortons new range which is always a must have and another antique quilt that belongs to her daughter, who is taking after her Mum collecting Antique Quilts!!!!

She also had this little box that she gave me and said please don't drop it????

In the box was this..............

Under her was this........

How precious is she and her little quilt.
Bev thinks she is between 130 to 150 years old. She came with a little note also

And just look at her petticoat and pants just beautiful

She is just the most gorgeous little doll and Bev is just so proud of her. She's so excited she is now hers.
A bit blurry that one sorry!!!

Hope you have enjoyed Bev's new little doll.

Lisa & Lou


  1. Wow! Bev must be pleased! I love the tumbling blocks pattern - it always looks so modern but it's been around for so long.

  2. How beautiful and that it has survived in such a wonderful condition.

  3. What a treasure, so lovely to have been given it.
    Julia ♥

  4. oh wow what a find, such sweet gems!!

    I hope you're having fun at QITB..i had the best time on Friday and i scored a few antique gems!!

    i must say i love your new blog header :)))