Saturday, 13 October 2012

Spring Fling

Today was Lilly Patches' "Spring Fling".
What a day! 
 We had great company, great food and great fun.
We had a wonderful day teaching with a fantastic group of ladies.
There were so many different personalities and it shows it the many different fabrics and colour ways people use.  Here is a sneak at what everybody was working on.
Clam shells and apple cores were the most popular mini quilts being done today.  But we noticed that lots of ladies bought papers for hexies and the clover yo-yo maker too. Elaine's sashiko and Liz's applique students were busy stitching and enjoying the hints and tips on offer. 
We hope you have all come away enthusiastic about another new project to work on. 
Have a close look at the pic on the top left.  This is a travel sewing kit created by one very clever lady.  It includes a pair of nail clippers (to clip small bits of fabric), steri strips (to help with those sore spots that we inevitably get when doing too much hand sewing), a clover thread cutter, a magnifying glass, an emary board, a thimble, a golf tee (for turning out points, turning under seams & guiding fabric).  Nothing that airport security doesn't like!
So raid the golf bags and add a golf tee to your sewing tools.  
Special thanks to June for hosting a wonderful day. 
To Karen for helping make the day run smoothly.  To our other teachers Elaine and Liz.  To the ladies that made or bought morning and afternoon tea to share (YUM!).  To Anne-Marie for popping over for a social visit and looking after the shop with Tanya and Heather; and of course to all the wonderful ladies that came along today. 
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to doing it again some time.
Lisa & Lou

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