Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas at Cathie's

Tuesday night's is sewing night with the St Brigid's ladies.  At some point we have all had children at St Brigid's or worked there.  Lou's son Jedd is in grade 6 and this year is the end of 13 years of education for her children at the school.  It will be a sad farewell to a great school.  Tuesday night sewing, however, will continue.
 Each year for Christmas Cathie invites us to her home which is always beautifully decorated.  Tonight was no exception. 

Cathie's tree is different every year. 
This years decorations include dried oranges with cinnamon & glitter.


We share a lovely "high tea" supper
and make something wonderful. This year we made these:
 They were easy to make and started with a couple of old books
a little bit of cutting
 some glue and glitter
and this is what you get....
They are fantastic.  Can't wait to make some more....
We hope you are enjoying the lead up to christmas.

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  1. what a fun gathering and lovely pics of Cathie's home & chrissy decorations.
    I love the book print ornie..very inspiring :)))