Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry christmas

We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas. THANKYOU for quilting with us throughout the year. We hope you spend a wonderful day with those you love as we will be.
And if you fall in bed after a hectic night, may you snuggle under a lovingly made quilt. 

With love
Lou & Lisa

Thursday, 28 November 2013

What are we up to!!

Well the countdown to Christmas is coming fast now.
Lou has nearly finished her Glacier Star quilt, and I have made 5 Jelly Roll quilts for gifts. They are kind of a cheat quilt, quick and easy, but at least 5 family members will have a quilt to snuggle on the couch with!
Now just need to get them all quilted and bound, then will post a photo.
We post a few photo's of quilts and random things in our life on Instagram, it's so quick and easy to use. You can click on the link to the right and follow us if you wish! Lou also put this fancy scrolling gallery at the top of our Blog, she's very clever.
We also both have Pintrest. You can also click the links to the right to see our boards and the things we love.

This is one of my antique quilts, hand pieced and hand quilted.
In between the green feathers are creamy ones if you look close. I often wonder what colour did that use to be, has it faded, and was it made as a special gift or for pride of place on the bed? Love the history that we see with quilts.When we get a nice day I'll photograph the whole quilt and post a picture. 
Love Melbourne weather, it was 22 degrees this morning at 5.30 am now it's 15 degrees and pouring! You never know what the day will bring.
Have a great day wherever you are in the world!!

Lisa & Lou

Sunday, 24 November 2013


Just about finished quilting the Glacier Star quilt and I did something REALLY STUPID!!!!!!
Holy crap Batman!!!!!!
Do you see it? How could you not!!!! That's whiteboard marker...... NOT a feature of quilts for most of us!!!!! This is why Lisa quilts for people and I don't!!! Not to mention that she had HEAPS more experience than I do of course!

Do I try to wash it out? .....Or do I just put the quilt label over the top???? 


PS Sorry about all the exclamation marks

Friday, 15 November 2013

Glacier Star

When we, my hubby Jody & I, visit his dad, Tom, and step-mum, Ruve, I ALWAYS take hand sewing. They live in a sleepy country town and we relax the weekend away and of course for me, that means sewing time!  

Earlier this year Tom asked what I do with all these quilts?  Jody's prompt reply was "They're all over the house!!!!"  That may be true, but I have made a lot of quilts for family and friends too, and of course quilts as samples for Max & Louise. 

Tom then asked if I would make him & Ruve a quilt.... And here it is:

It's Glacier Star designed by Judy & Bradley Niemeyer.

I did this as a class at Lilly Patches in Boronia, taught by Anne-Marie Campbell. I love foundation piecing and Judy's method is great. As is her curved seam method. 

Glacier Star finished 60 1/2" square. I'm just adding a 5" border all the way around to make it little bigger. Then a big all over feather quilting and I'll actually have one Christmas present finished!!!

Please tell me there are other people around that are as unorganized for Christmas as we are??? Please??? 6 weeks to go!  Presents to be bought and made, and lunch and dinner on Christmas Day for 30. Not panicking .... YET!!!

 And I'm pleased to say that Lisa is the same (although she has planned all he pressies)!

THANKYOU for the positive feedback we've had for our Airlie and Cranbrook patterns. We are pleased to advise that Mrs Martin's Summer School is now booked out. Can't wait..... 

                     Lou & Lisa

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cranbrook & Airlie

Our newest patterns are all ready for Mrs Martins Summer School. We are very excited to say that our day is fully booked out and we have a waiting list. Thank you so much every one who has booked and we look forward to spending a lovely day with you all. 
Here are the projects we have created for the day.



We hope you enjoy our new patterns which will be available for sale from our shops from January 20th 2014.
( that sounds so far away but it's not really!)

Thanks for stopping by.
Lisa & Lou.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Tessellate typo!!

         We are really sorry but we have a Typo in our Tessellate Pattern for the diamond sashings.
On page 4 of your pattern the cutting instructions for C should read:
Cut 20 - 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" rectangles.
cross cut once in the opposite direction of A to create 40 'C' triangles. 
We endeavour to provide you with accurate patterns and we apologise for this mistake.
We can also send you a PDF of the amendment if you email us at
We really hope this has not caused any issues for you. We will try really hard for this not to happen again. Seems that you can read a pattern 10 times and still miss things...even 2 of us!!!

Lisa & Lou

Friday, 11 October 2013

Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop

On Friday night we popped in to see Karen at Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop in Emerald.
Karen had some show and tell for us....
A few years ago Lou taught a double wedding ring class at the shop and Karen was happy to do her "ta-da" moment....
 We love seeing what other people create and this was no exception.
Karen regularly packs the car and heads to show's all over the place, leaving Bron to cover her in the shop. October is proving to be a busy month; Karen has many of our samples so be sure to check her diary and see where she is over the coming weeks.

For those of you who haven't found their way to Mrs martin's Quilt Shop, here is a sneak peak....

We just had to take a photo of this wall of many of our samples.... 

 Our next workshop is scheduled for Saturday January 18th.  Our samples are nearly finished (we promise not to keep you waiting too much longer!)

Our newest pattern Colours Of Spring is now available and should be in stores very soon....

                                                               Lisa & Lou

Sunday, 6 October 2013

A very productive Spring Fling workshop

What a great day we had!  
We had fun from start to finish and judging by the chatter and laughter we heard throughout the day and the productivity we saw, so did the 40 wonderful women who attended Lilly Patches' Spring Fling yesterday.
We were teaching our new Colours Of Spring pattern. 
Here are some pictures of the projects ladies were working on....
Family Garden:

Vintage Jewels:

(My apologies to the ladies doing Sunburst as 
I didn't get photo's of your work.....)

Fly Away Peter:

 And lastly Ada had her completed top of our 
The Unknown Quilt.... Its gorgeous Ada!

Jill and Jenny were also teaching at Spring Fling.  The ladies working on their hexagon bags and Christmas wall hanging seamed to be working very diligently.  

Special thanks to June and Karen Wilson.  We are so grateful for their friendship and support.  In the early days of quilting, when we would shop with toddlers & babies in prams, June was always so welcoming and lovely.  
We have been shopping at Lilly Patches ever since.

Karen took our photo yesterday for Quilters Companion magazine.  She did a great job handling two women who hate having their photo taken!!  Thanks Karen.

Thanks to all for a great day.  
We hope you all had as much fun as we did. 
                                        Lisa & Lou

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Colours of Spring

Today we took the photo's for our new Colours of Spring pattern.
There are 4 quilts in this pattern with a combination of hand, machine, English paper piecing, appliqué, and water colour with pencils and stitchery.

We had a couple of helpers of the 4 legged kind. The German Shepherd is one of the "Max's" of Max & Louise Pattern Co. And the other is Jasper the Jack Russell... the boss of course!

Here are some close ups...

We are very Happy that the "Spring Fling Day" for these quilts at Lilly Patches is booked out!
Looking forward to a lovely day with all the ladies who are coming to spend a great day with us.
The pattern will be available for these quilts after October 4th.


Below are some small pics of some of the projects for Mrs Martin's Summer School on the 18th of January. There will be 7 projects for this day.
They will be a combination of hand, machine, English paper piecing, appliqué and wool.

Hope you enjoyed our photo's.
Thanks for visiting!!
Lisa & Lou