Tuesday, 19 February 2013

We're back!!

Hi everyone we're back!!!
We have been in sewing hibernation.
The normal life things seem to have temporarily taken over but it's back to making quilts again.
We are teaching an Autumn Stitch in Day
at Lilypatches on Saturday April 13th
then at Magic Patch Quilting June 8th.
We have busy getting our projects done.
Lou has made this gorgeous wall hanging using a mix of fabric and wool felt.

And she also making a paper pieced wedding ring style small quilt.
Lisa is making a hand pieced mini quilt of 4 circular blocks
(not ironed yet!!)
these are 2 of the blocks in progress.
And also an applique that is still in drawing form so hope to start that this weekend.

Contact either shop for bookings and details.

Remember a while back we showed you Maureen's embroidered mice?
well she turned them into a sewing caddy and just beautiful it is!
She is very clever!!

Also clever is Marie from our sat night group. She is making our Unknown Quilt and her colours are amazing......

She has used a print that looks like crazy patchwork for her bias strip and it's so effective.

And last but not least, it's not a quilt but just as amazing.....

Lisa's friend Carol from work made this cake and it was so yummy.
it uses soft drink as the liquid in the mix and also instant pudding, it's so moist. Chocolate cake uses Coke, Vanilla cake uses Lemonade and so on who would have thought.

Lisa works for a book company and found it in a new book, showed Carol and she said"I'm going to make that" and she did!!!!! Your great Carol!
So here's to some productive sewing so we can show you our finished mini quilts.
( more from Lisa than Lou, she's on fire at the moment)
Have a great rest of the week and thanks for stopping by.

Lisa & Lou