Monday, 22 April 2013

Australian Quilt Convention.

Saturday saw us spend the day at the Quilt Convention, and what a lovely day we had.
It was at the beautiful Exhibition Building in Carlton. The architecture of this grand old building is just stunning!! Lucky it is, as although we took lots of quilt photo's we don't have any permission to use them on our blog from their makers so..........

But we can show you our purchases!!!



So now the brains are doing overtime.

We are very excited that Quilters Companion have asked us if we would like to make a quilt for their gorgeous magazine!!
And of course we said "Yes"

So the paper and pencils are out and a new quilt is coming together. Sorry as much as we hate these secret post's we really can't show you as it's a scribble in progress. So you will have to wait to the project is released.
       But we hope you will love it!!!

If you went to the show we hope you enjoyed it.

Our next trip is to the Sydney Quilt Show in June and then onto Brisbane for the
"QUILTS 1700-1945"
exhibition at the Queensland Art gallery.
These quilts are from the V&A in London.
It will also show the Rajah quilt from the National Gallery of Australia.

We are all booked to go and very excited.
If you are a lover of Antique Quilts you will not want to miss this!!

We thank everyone who supports our little quilting venture.

Lisa & Lou


  1. Mmmmmmm love your purchases, especially the fabric on the lowwer LHS of Lisas photo (do you know what range it's from)And Louise,love the wool also did you buy enough blades? lol

  2. What an amazing venue for the show! Oh my, how I wish I could have joined you for the shopping. I look forward to seeing the progress on the quilt you are designing for the magazine. Exciting!

    1. Thanks Nicole for your message shopping is fun! And yes an amazing building. We really have fun designing quilts it's fun playing with colour and fabric. Can we ever have too much fabric!