Monday, 24 June 2013

WOW where have we been over the last week!!!!

Well it is fair to say that the past week and a half has been an exciting blur!
We were going to do a few separate posts........
obviously that has just not happened yet sorry.
So here we go on our journey.

We arrived in Sydney bright and early to spend the day at the Sydney Quilt Show,
and spend we did!!!
Sorry we have not got pics of our treasures as yet and Lisa may have added some of hers to a project started yesterday which will be revealed further down this post!!!
So we'll get that done on the weekend and show you our goodies.

This is the upstairs view of the show.

This is such a beautiful show.  And great shops too.

After the show we headed off to Quiltsmith to meet up with Melinda the owner, to show her our quilts. Quiltsmith is a stockist for our patterns and has currently got our Tessellate quilts and Lou's Unknown Quilt on display.

Saturday saw us spend the morning and Darling Harbour and the day was just perfect.

That afternoon we hopped on the plane again to head to Brisbane.
We enjoyed some yummy snacks and some stitching time.

We stayed near a lovely little street with cafes and antique shops where we were amazed at the most gorgeous lights, so cute......

The next morning we headed to Southbank for
  We like to think we got matching tattoos to remember our visit. LOL.
We just loved it, the book (Quilts 1700 - 2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories)
colours do not even come close to the amazing fabrics in these quilts. we spent hours there just studying the colours, fabrics and stitching.
if you get to go up to the Exhibition you really won't be disappointed.
There is a little shop that you can buy postcards etc from with some of the quilts and the book is well worth it also if you have not already got it.

Just outside there were the fantastic drummers playing.

On the Monday saw us take a little detour to visit the Patchwork Tree!!
what a lovely shop and yes more purchases.

Seriously how much luggage can 6 ladies have for a few days!!!!

So we came back to the real world (and rain and cold).
On Friday night we had our friendship group at Junes where we purchased the new light pad (yes, we had to have one each!).
What a very cool toy!!!

And Fiona finished this top ready to be quilted after she makes a pieced backing from the left over fabrics.

Nice feet!!!

Then yesterday saw us spend a really lovely day with our friends Bev, Linda & Co
to stitch with the very talented and inspiring
Margaret Sampson George from Sydney.
Seriously, Google her quilts; They are amazing.
They're inspired by Antique Quilts with a lot of Marg's personal touches.
She uses a huge array of fabrics, anything you can think of really, and it just works!

Lou and I are doing her crib quilt so will show you as we progress.
We had a very enjoyable day.

So there you have it. Now back to our deadlines of the Quilters Companion Quilt, Spring Fling for October with Lilly Patches and Summer School for January with Mrs Martin's.

We will get the treasures together over the weekend and show you what we brought!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Lou & Lisa


  1. I couldn't agree more that these were two fantastic shows and I was just in awe of the quilts in Brisbane. You came from the deep South and we were from the Far North - quilters are truly amazing travellers!! Take care.

  2. What a fabulous week!! So much fun. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Gosh, you covered a lot in just one week!

    Great to meet you both at Linda's! :)

  4. wow I am tired just reading this post but what fun!!!! that light pad looks great what size is it and what brand, I think I need one too!