Monday, 22 July 2013

Cats and quilts

Meet Mimi.  Mimi loves to sit and sleep on my quilts.....whilst I'm still working on them!!!
As much as I love our cats, sometimes it's very now! I'm trying to trim my quilt to sew the binding on.
The quilt she is on is my version of our Quilters Companion quilt.
Just a little sneak peek for you
Despite being a pain, Mimi is very cute!

Have a great week,
         Lou & Lisa

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


We have been MIA (missing in action!) yet again.
Where is the time going lately?
We promise you though, we have been sewing up a storm, but we creating one of those
"you'll have to wait and see quilts"
We have been working very hard on our quilts for
Quilters Companion Magazine.
Here are some of those teaser pics we love.....

Here is the next border being cut out....

We are also working madly to get our projects done for Lilly Patches "Spring Quilt In" which will be on October 5th. It will be $50.00 for the day and we will have 4 new small quilts for the day!!!

We also said we would show you our treasures from our trip.

Lou's Treasures

And Lisa's Treasures

We also bought sets of the Bloc Loc rulers which are a really great tool to use.
Any one else tried them out?

We got the squares and flying geese sets

The post man also came today and delivered this layer cake...

Love the yellow prints in this range.

Well that's about all I can show you at the moment.
Is anyone going to "Jeff's Shed" in a couple of weeks to the Melbourne Quilt Show??

We will be there Saturday.

Have fun!
Lisa & Lou