Monday, 22 July 2013

Cats and quilts

Meet Mimi.  Mimi loves to sit and sleep on my quilts.....whilst I'm still working on them!!!
As much as I love our cats, sometimes it's very now! I'm trying to trim my quilt to sew the binding on.
The quilt she is on is my version of our Quilters Companion quilt.
Just a little sneak peek for you
Despite being a pain, Mimi is very cute!

Have a great week,
         Lou & Lisa


  1. She is adorable (and the quilt looks awesome too!). My Callie cat does that same thing - I can't work on anything without her being in the middle of it! They are such good entertainment!

  2. oh i know, i have the same problem with my two felines lol!!they loving hanging around me when i sew and always perch themselves on a pile of fabric or blocks i've just finished. Must admit your Mimi is adorable & thanks for the sneak peek :))) cheers...Marian