Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hugo's quilt

I made a bright little quilt for baby Hugo this week (my cousin's new baby).  
When I make a quilt for children, it has to be able to withstand lots of washing because baby's poop and throw up on everything!  

I used a "what's bugging you" panel 
by Sue Marsh that I bought from Lilly Patches last week, 3 fat quarters and a half metre and polar fleece on the back.   Hopefully little Hugo will enjoy snuggling under this simple quilt.

Thought I'd share my binding tip with you. 
I fold my binding strip concertina style 

and pop it into a zip lock bag. I have this sitting to the left of my trusty old Janome so that it doesn't get tangled or caught up as I sew it onto the quilt in the usual way. 

With baby quilts, I've decided to fold the binding over and stitch it by machine.   
My thoughts are that this will withstand washing over and over and over and over.....

We are off to the trade show tomorrow and I'm hoping to get Tom & Ruve's Glacier Star quilted in the afternoon. Then I can get started on the appliqué for our newest big quilt that we hope to release next year. 
Lisa is already working on hers.... She's a machine at the moment! Multitasking as she does so well, making 3 gift quilts for Christmas too. 
Until next time,
Lisa & Lou

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