Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My birthday

Lucky me.....
Christmas Eve is my birthday and this year my eldest daughter, Jordon (19) made this sign to hang over my sewing room door. 


Red is my favourite colour and she has roughed it up enough to look just the right amount of rustic. 

My daughter, Tristan, 15, bought chalk paint so I can create a blackboard wall in the dining room & kitchen area

My hubby worked outside for my birthday and Christmas presents.
This was our entrance before (that's my baby, Max, running towards me as I take the photo)

Not the best pics, sorry, but can you see the weeds and dirt?? There is no edge around this central garden bed and when it was wet, this area was slippery and yuk!

And after three days hard work it looks like this:

You can imagine his pleased I am!
On top of this we had the best couple of days with close friends and family.
Today, I finished work early and I'm.... You guessed it.....sewing!
What a great way to spend my time.



  1. Happy Birthday! Your kids did a great job with your gifts, but WOW your hubby's work is gorgeous!

  2. OMG Louise it looks amazing !!!!!
    Good job well done by all the family, I'll be around for a cuppa so I can see it 'in-person'

  3. Belated birthday wishes.....and what fabulous presents!!

  4. Happy Birthday for the 24th, Louise!! Love the sign your daughter made for you and wow your garden looks fabulous!!.. great birthday surprises :))) cheers... Marian