Friday, 4 July 2014

This time next week....

This time next week we will have already been to the Sydney Quilt Show at Glebe Island and be getting ready to teach our first workshop for Kim at Jukejema Quilting Barn!

Shop Front

We will be teaching our Gracedale Doves pattern are looking forward to meeting the ladies in our class.

We love going to the Sydney show and spending time down at the Opera House Friday night listening to the bands in the cafe and looking at the beautiful lights of the city and bridge.
The Sunday we'll drop by Quiltsmith another store we LOVE!!
We'll have some pics of our weekend to share.

Tomorrow we are off to the Essendon Quilters Show.
Stitching our Stories.
Essendonquiltersbanner copy

Will be an amazing show by an amazing group of ladies. You won't want to miss this show!!!
Lisa & Lou

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