Monday, 4 September 2017

Old Courthouse 1890
Introducing our newest design Old Courthouse 1890. We have taken some of our favorite blocks and set them in circles but NO curved piecing!!  You may make this quilt as big as you like, just make multiple blocks or add more of your favorite feature fabrics! great scrappy quilt, which we love love. Give your local stockist a call and if they don't have it yet, they will soon!! Happy stitching folks.
Lisa & Lou.

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  1. I am working on your York Lodge pattern - are there any corrections to the pattern in the Quiltmania book?
    I have been working on this for 2 months now (off and on and mostly on) and it takes such precision in everything to get all points accurate!

    If there are any corrections or problems that you have identified can you please let me know? I am an advanced quilter.

    Nanette -