Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Nicholson Street.
We are very excited to announce our very first range of fabrics from Andover Fabrics.

Nicholson Street is a collection of shirtings and background fabrics inspired by designs from the past. We feel a quilter can never have enough of these treasures in their stash!!
The tones and prints will look gorgeous in your quilts.
There are 8 different designs in 3 colour ways each. Pop over to Andovers site to see the whole range! (Nicholson Street)

Nicholson Street is the main road through the center of our beautiful town Healesville. As with most of our designs, our town inspires the names of our creations.

Nicholson Street will be available from your local quilt shop in September. We can't wait to make some samples in our very own fabric to share with you all. We think having your name on selvedge is like having your name up in lights. We are very thankful, especially to Andover for making our dream a reality!!!

Lisa & Lou 


  1. Congrats to you both - this is so exciting! I see some little prints that will be perfect in jewelry!!

  2. Thank you Julie! oooo never thought of that our own personal gorgeous jewelry!! Now that's exciting xxxx

  3. Ooh can't wait. Perfect for backgrounds, fillers and if you don't have a reason...Just because. Well done

    1. Thanks Joanne. We love the just because reason too :)
      Just looove fabric!!!