Sunday, 13 May 2018

Welcome to our house!
To say we were overwhelmed and excited to see our "house" at the Pour l'Armour Du Fil quilt show in Nantes is an understatement! 
Carol and the team from Quiltmania had displayed all our quilts in such an amazing way, we had tears.

The team put a lot of thought into creating a special space for our quilts from our book Vintage Quilts and Friendship, published by Quiltmania.

Also placing special treasure's among the quilts to add a personal touch. 

The visitors to our house were just lovely. The French visitors who tried so so hard to communicate with us were just gorgeous. We also had visitors from lots of different countries who gave us such positive feedback about our designs and colours. Our new Fabrics, Nicholson Street from Andover Fabrics, were also very well received.
We had a lovely dinner with Kathy Hall from Andover and her friend Barbara where we discussed all things fabric and idea's. We came away from France with many idea's and feeling very inspired for our future in design and fabric.

We also spent some time either side of the show in Paris taking in all sites this pretty city had to offer. We visited all the tourist icons and had a ball.
Thankyou to all who visited us in Nantes and Quiltmania for giving us this amazing opportunity. We are very lucky girls just living the quilters dream. 
Lisa & Lou xx


  1. Absolutely beautiful. You both deserve to have such a display to show such gorgeous quilts. We are all very proud of you girls xx

    1. Thank you Donna for your very kind words. We are so grateful for all the support of our families and quilting friends. Aren't quilts the best!!

  2. Well done to both of you.Enjoy the accolades. You deserve it.


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