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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Gracedale Doves workshop at Lilly Patches

This afternoon we taught another Gracedale Doves workshop. This time at Lilly Patches in Boronia. 

We like to keep classes small for this quilt and  8 ladies was perfect. 
We had a bag of goodies for each:
Including a Gracedale Doves pattern, our two free patterns: mug bag and coaster pattern and the rotary cutter snap bag pattern, a Pap smear brush ( not to do you own Pap smears!!! They are fantastic for cleaning the lint from your sewing machine) and a chocolate each.

Here are the amazing achievements of our 8 wonderful ladies:
THANKYOU June for another wonderful day in your shop and to our lovely students.
Hope you enjoyed yourselves. 

Lisa & Lou

Friday, 5 September 2014

Nearly ready

Where does the time go?  Have you heard? There's only 110 day till christmas!  That's only 15 more Fridays!!! Freaky huh!  So where is this leading, apart from scaring you into shopping?
We'll it also means that's only 116 days until 2015.  So guess what we bought yesterday from June at Lilly Patches?

Yep, our diary for next year, and as much as we love the diaries in our phones, we couldn't resist this:
We're calender girls....Miss June.  We love Betty's Medallion and are so excited to be featured in Quilter's Companions 2015 diary.

Our next quilts for Quilter's Companion magazine get posted off on Monday.  If you've been on instagram, you'll have seen Lisa's sneak but here is is again:

and here is the sneak of Lou's:

have fun sewing (and shopping for that special day in many diaries can we give as christmas presents!!!!)

Lou & Lisa

Friday, 18 July 2014

Bellmont House and more....

Hi everyone, we are very excited to add our new pattern Bellmont House to the blog.

This pattern is a little different for us!
There are 6 small quilts and 6 Canvas works.
Each canvas is a bigger version of the block in a small quilt and is then appliqued, and treasures like old buttons, doilies etc are added. A bit of fun.
We will be teaching Bellmont House for the Essendon Quilters in October!!
See post from May 17 for some close up pics too.

We taught for the lovely Kim at Jukejema Quilting Barn in Nowra last week. It was a great class and the ladies were so friendly. Thanks so much to you all for coming along to spend a day with us. Kim also gave us these lovely bags to remind us of her beautiful part of Australia.

We also had some retail therapy at Jukejema, the Sydney Quilt Show and Quiltsmith.

Here are some of our fabrics that "had to come home"

We have 2 new quilts just about finished so the pattern writing will begin shortly and a third one started.
we will have pics for you as soon as they are ready.

Lisa has also started the Sundial Coverlet from Magic Patch Quilting in Tyabb!!

See now I have told the world I better get moving and keep up or catch up mmm
will post my progress in Instagram for that one as it's so easy to use.
I look organised but..

We are also excited the Lenora from Elm Grove Patchwork is now stocking our patterns. Thanks Lenora!
her details are in our stockists on the right.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!
Lisa & Lou

Friday, 11 July 2014

Sydney ... Here we come

When we left Healesville at 3:40 it was cold, wet and dark.
Just a few hours later and Sydney has presented us with a perfect start to our weekend. 


We are off to the quilt show today at its new home on Glebe Island. 
Time to let the moths out of our purses!
Lisa & Lou 

Friday, 4 July 2014

This time next week....

This time next week we will have already been to the Sydney Quilt Show at Glebe Island and be getting ready to teach our first workshop for Kim at Jukejema Quilting Barn!

Shop Front

We will be teaching our Gracedale Doves pattern are looking forward to meeting the ladies in our class.

We love going to the Sydney show and spending time down at the Opera House Friday night listening to the bands in the cafe and looking at the beautiful lights of the city and bridge.
The Sunday we'll drop by Quiltsmith another store we LOVE!!
We'll have some pics of our weekend to share.

Tomorrow we are off to the Essendon Quilters Show.
Stitching our Stories.
Essendonquiltersbanner copy

Will be an amazing show by an amazing group of ladies. You won't want to miss this show!!!
Lisa & Lou

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Creative juices flowing Vs Tax time grind!

I am pleased to report after a week of book work for Mr Tax Man for our business (& my husband's business and my boss'!!) (mental I know!!!) that I am sewing again.  
Having a ball with wool felt
And some 6" blocks. 
Lisa is coming over for some creative fun (& a bit more tax stuff). 
Bring on June 30th!!!
After that it's full steam ahead with lots of sewing time. 
Hope you're all more organised with your tax work that I was this year. 
Enjoy your sewing,

Thursday, 29 May 2014

A night with the Essendon Girls.

We were invited to spend a night with the Essendon Patchworkers last night and we had a ball!!
What a lovely group of ladies.
We were welcomed with this amazing banner......

  We set up our quilts then we had the opportunity to give a talk about
Max & Louise Pattern Co......

They are also having a Quilt show in July. 
Will post details in a few days as I have not unpacked my bag yet!!
Thank you so much girls for making us feel so welcome.

Poor Lou was very sick so Lisa's sister in law Narelle (who is Narelle Louise so an inaugural member of the Louise part!!) came along to help out and did an amazing job.

We are at Magic Patch Quilt shop Tyabb this Saturday for a workshop which we are sure will be a great day and then Waverley Quilt show Sunday.

Thanks for dropping by.
Lisa & Lou