Wednesday, 26 May 2021


Farmgate is our 5th collection for Andover Fabrics and features traditional designs printed onto the beautiful base cloth of Andover’s Century Solids collection.
It’s made from 100 % premium combed fine cotton yarns. They have the same shrinkage rate as all our other quality Andover fabrics with the beautiful drape you expect.
The feel of these fabrics are extraordinary and have a white pigment ink print on them. And because the impurities have been combed out in production, you get this amazing saturation of colour. Farmgate features 5 prints on 20 rich Century Solid colours. We have recreated our Tessellate pattern and released a new pattern, Blazing Star, coloured in Farmgate to show you a stunning use of the fabrics. They work beautifully on their own as well as mixing in with other quality Andover fabrics.
The collection’s colours will work perfectly in all genres of designs including traditional, 1930’s, modern and more. Farmgate is due in stores in June and is available for order now.

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Nana's Flower Garden

Have you seen Nana's Flower Garden? This is our current fabric range by Andover Fabric. We are so happy with it and are enjoying sewing new designs with it. Our two new designs will be available soon. Each print in the range is named after a woman of significance in our lives.
Here are some quilts we have created in Nana's Flower Garden: Garibaldi - pattern coming soon
Oakville - pattern coming soon
Lufra House (available now)
The Hermitage (available now)