Sunday, 5 May 2013

Catalogs from the International Quilt Study Centre Nebraska

The postman delivered an exciting parcel on Thursday,

These catalogs are part of the collections from centre's over 2300 quilts,
which is the largest public collection in the world!!

We received the
Elegant Geometry
American and British Mosaic Patchwork
which includes the following gorgeous quilts and info..

and also

Chintz Applique
from Imitation to Icon

WOW!!!!! amazing quilts.
Also take a look at their on line exhibitions for us who are too far away!

If you love hexagons or broderie perse you will love these catalogs,
they are very detailed with lots of information on the quilts and techniques also.

Thanks Joy from the Museum for your help and great communication.

Click the link above to visit the Quilt Study Centers website.

Adding this to the dreams list of places to visit!!!

Lisa & Lou


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  2. I'm lucky enough to live about 100 miles from Lincoln so I try and visit the IQSCM regularly. The exhibits blow me away every time! If I didn't live here, the museum would be on my bucket list--every year. I would encourage you to make plans for a visit. There are outstanding quilt shops in the area, too--not to mention reasonably priced antiques. You'll have a good time!

    1. Thanks Clare, our bucket list keeps getting bigger and bigger. There is so much we want to see.