Sunday, 2 June 2013

Saturday Night Sewing

The first Saturday night is our friendship night. ( afternoon & night for some girls!)
This past night saw Sandra finish this gorgeous quilt made from friendship 9 patches of browns and shirtings from another group she belongs to.


Sorry about 2 different colours, 2 pics from my phone and 2 from Lou's.

The alternating  blocks of bird fabric is just lovely, and she paid special attention to have all birds up the right way.
This treasure may go to Sandra's daughter, lucky girl!!!

And don't you love how at a stitch in night, we all gather to discuss options over sashings, colours, placements etc........

There was a big group discussion to help Val choose a sashing width for this lovely quilt....

That's what we love about our groups, the inspiration and support from friends is in-valuable.
It really is like mental health!!
You can't get much better than great company with like minded friends.

Now it's only 12 more sleeps till we fly off on our interstate adventure also with 4 other beautiful friends. Getting very exciting now.

Do any of you Brisbane girls have a "must visit shop" to take our travel buddies too???

Have a great week.
Lisa & Lou


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