Saturday, 26 October 2013

Tessellate typo!!

         We are really sorry but we have a Typo in our Tessellate Pattern for the diamond sashings.
On page 4 of your pattern the cutting instructions for C should read:
Cut 20 - 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" rectangles.
cross cut once in the opposite direction of A to create 40 'C' triangles. 
We endeavour to provide you with accurate patterns and we apologise for this mistake.
We can also send you a PDF of the amendment if you email us at
We really hope this has not caused any issues for you. We will try really hard for this not to happen again. Seems that you can read a pattern 10 times and still miss things...even 2 of us!!!

Lisa & Lou

Friday, 11 October 2013

Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop

On Friday night we popped in to see Karen at Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop in Emerald.
Karen had some show and tell for us....
A few years ago Lou taught a double wedding ring class at the shop and Karen was happy to do her "ta-da" moment....
 We love seeing what other people create and this was no exception.
Karen regularly packs the car and heads to show's all over the place, leaving Bron to cover her in the shop. October is proving to be a busy month; Karen has many of our samples so be sure to check her diary and see where she is over the coming weeks.

For those of you who haven't found their way to Mrs martin's Quilt Shop, here is a sneak peak....

We just had to take a photo of this wall of many of our samples.... 

 Our next workshop is scheduled for Saturday January 18th.  Our samples are nearly finished (we promise not to keep you waiting too much longer!)

Our newest pattern Colours Of Spring is now available and should be in stores very soon....

                                                               Lisa & Lou

Sunday, 6 October 2013

A very productive Spring Fling workshop

What a great day we had!  
We had fun from start to finish and judging by the chatter and laughter we heard throughout the day and the productivity we saw, so did the 40 wonderful women who attended Lilly Patches' Spring Fling yesterday.
We were teaching our new Colours Of Spring pattern. 
Here are some pictures of the projects ladies were working on....
Family Garden:

Vintage Jewels:

(My apologies to the ladies doing Sunburst as 
I didn't get photo's of your work.....)

Fly Away Peter:

 And lastly Ada had her completed top of our 
The Unknown Quilt.... Its gorgeous Ada!

Jill and Jenny were also teaching at Spring Fling.  The ladies working on their hexagon bags and Christmas wall hanging seamed to be working very diligently.  

Special thanks to June and Karen Wilson.  We are so grateful for their friendship and support.  In the early days of quilting, when we would shop with toddlers & babies in prams, June was always so welcoming and lovely.  
We have been shopping at Lilly Patches ever since.

Karen took our photo yesterday for Quilters Companion magazine.  She did a great job handling two women who hate having their photo taken!!  Thanks Karen.

Thanks to all for a great day.  
We hope you all had as much fun as we did. 
                                        Lisa & Lou